Entrepreneurs wear many hats and are often challenged to wear them simultaneously. Studio II is the flip-side of entrepreneurship—the everything in between sitting at your desk and sending emails.  It is “the real” with no bells and whistles.


Reality is, we are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and girlfriends, who have part-time hours as boo-boo kissers, and homemakers. Our entrepreneurship is a testament to the mantra; “I am woman, hear me roar.” – We can do it all..and make it all look good…but while we have your attention, it is also important to do it for YOU. Take a moment to breathe..take a moment to nurture the YOU that brought you to this moment in time. ENTREPRENEURSHIP has layers. Our objective is to remind you of that.



Ashlee & Tearra went back to the drawing board in the spring of 2016 to redesign the focus of the studio.

While the pair were extremely passionate about launching their collaborative effort, they realized the need to step outside of the box in order to target the women they’d like to engage. The two of them had the urge to create an outlet for themselves and lessen the load by making the platform a safe-place for sharing ideas and building on topics outside of the typical entrepreneurship/build your brand verbiage. As fashion and décor driven women with the urge to really speak volumes on social topics, the two decided to rebrand together, revamp the concept together, and launch with a mission to challenge women to let loose and redefine who they are outside of their business titles. 

By sharing valuable content, promoting support through collaborative efforts, and breaking barriers in the realm of female enterprise, “The Studio” is sure to reach millennials in a digital environment constructed exclusively for them.

Our newly implemented lifestyle approach will allow the Studio to incite comradery within the community. As businesswomen, we feel the need to acknowledge all facets of life as it is important and relevant within the millennial climate. Beyond these topics, we will address a variety of subject matters that encompass womanhood and its many components. From business woes, goal-setting, parenting, work-life balance, fashion, and DIY projects for various causes, the Studio will serve as a one-stop-shop for intellectual conversation.